Oxytocin, The Hormone Of Trust And Love


Oxytocin Factor

oxytocin factor nasal spray

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Oxytocin factor is a new product that has only been available for a few months.

It is aimed at relieving stress in everyday life and at promoting love, caring and relaxation.

This is the product preferred by couples and people who experience stress in their lives.

Oxytocin factor is available as a risk free trial.





Liquid Trust

liquiod trust oxytocin spray

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Liquid trust is aimed more at the dating scene than oxytocin factor.

It can help you to pick up a date by appearing more trusting and approachable than normal.

Liquid trust is available to purchase from Vero Labs and comes highly recommended for singles.

A version of this oxytocin nasal spray is also available with a pheromone additive.


Oxytocin helps bring couples togetherOxytocin is at the centre of a media frenzy at the moment with many television shows and prominent medical figures talking about and doing studies on this hormone. Oxytocin is becoming increasingly popular with people buying and using the hormone oxytocin in a variety of circumstances. This post aims to look behind the marketing and popular opinion on oxytocin and find out if it actually stands up to the to its reputation as the hormone of trust and love. With couples across the country purchasing bottles of oxytocin online we look at some of the leading brands available, their pros and cons and which one is suitable for you.

Firstly though lets have a look at the hormone itself, where it is found in nature and what its natural functions are. Oxytocin has the strange property of acting both as a hormone and a neurotransmitter (something that communicates with your brain to convey a message). It is known in particular to have an effect on the part of the brain that processes social and emotional responses.

What are the benefits of using oxytocin though? In what way does it help us with our everyday lives? Well Oxytocin is naturally produced already in the human body and thus each person alive today already uses oxytocin in their lives. Oxytocin helps us to deal with stress and turn normally stressful situations in into pleasant occasions. it does this by helping us become more accepting of other people around us and by giving other people a more positive image of ourselves. It helps us to take in an entire situation and to learn from it rather than getting anxiety or overwhelmed of it. I’m sure you can imagine countless situations like this from doing the shopping and queuing in line to having an important business meeting where the pressure is on. By increasing our levels of oxytocin our reactions to these circumstances greatly changes and we have a calmer more relaxed attitude in which you can pragmatically assess and decide your responses to these challenges.

oxytocin helps couple to bondBut what about oxytocin and love? Well oxytocin is know as the cuddle hormone and it plays a huge role in both bonding and trust. This has many benefits for the user, it can help to reignite the spark in a relationship that has grown stagnant and it can be of a huge use when trying to find a date. In the first circumstance, oxytocin through its bonding properties can help a couple to remember the love they once experienced. It helps them to grow to love one another again and remember the reasons why they fell in love in the first place. This leads to a healthier coupled life and reduces arguments and disagreements within the relationship. It can also lead to an increase in and heightened pleasure during the course of lovemaking.

For singles oxytocin helps with your image and attitude when talking to a potential partner. It gives the other partner the impression that you are a loving, caring and trustworthy person. This can be incredibly useful especially if you are a shy person or can come across as awkward when approaching a potential partner.

What is important to remember is that oxytocin is not doing anything harmful or dangerous in its user or those around the user. It is merely amplifying the emotional responses that oxytocin already naturally produces in humans. It is a completely safe and tested way to help you improve many facets of your life. At the moment the their are two main brands of reliable oxytocin available to order online. The first is Liquid Trust and the second is oxytocin factor. The two brands are aimed at slightly different circumstances and we will outline the main differences below.

Can oxytocin help with depression?

With the number of individuals who suffer from depression skyrocketing now more than ever, it is no surprise that professionals and physicians all across the world are searching for new medical alternatives to use as treatments for this illness. Recently completed research has found that Oxytocin, a chemical that the average human brain produces in large doses, has the ability to help treat depression with few side effects.

The chemical Oxytocin is generally identified with physical intimacy, and is oftentimes referred to as the “trust” hormone. It is released by the hypothalamus during quite a few different scenarios, one of which being the process of childbirth. Additionally, Oxytocin is also found to be present within the body during sex, cuddling, and when mothers bond with their children.

Because of these facts, scientists believe that Oxytocin has the ability to significantly aid in the treatment of depression that is caused by a lack of emotional connection with one’s parents when an individual is growing up, as well as a very weak present day social bond with family and friends. Professionals have found that Oxytocin helps to make up for this loss by providing fresh feelings of comfort and intimacy, and by simply altering how the brain views social interactions in general. Studies have shown that individuals who use Oxytocin in order to treat their depression become much more social, empathetic, kind, and loving within just a few short months. Rather than continually feeling as if they are in a slump, users of Oxytocin actually start to come out of their fragile shells and begin to become “pro-social” individuals. Additionally, it is found that males who utilize Oxytocin are also significantly less likely to suffer from stress and anger. The reduction of these levels helps to improve relationships among individuals and their quality of life in general.

While some people manage to naturally boost their brain’s levels of Oxytocin on their own, this is not necessarily a solution for everybody. Clinical studies have proven that simple forms of communication and intimacy with others, such as playing with your pets more and increasing the amount that you see and hug your loved ones can significantly boost the amount of Oxytocin that is produced within your body. But, if you find that this just simply does not do the trick for you, and you need something stronger in order to aid you out of your depression, speaking to your doctor about potentially using Oxytocin is always a viable option.

But, like any medical treatment, Oxytocin is not necessarily the right solution for everyone. Although the research that has been done is both extensive and promising, this does not mean that Oxytocin itself is a miracle hormone for every type of individual. At the same token, if you find that you are sick of dealing with your depression, and you would like to also simultaneously make yourself more amiable and appealing to those individuals around you, Oxytocin may just be the perfect product for you.

Oxytocin and shyness, how they can work together.

All of us get shy and nervous in certain situations- it is simply human nature. But, for some, it’s more than just a natural reflex that eventually goes away with time. Millions of people in this world suffer from anxiety and social fears, and you may just well be one of them. Fortunately, according to professionals and scientists all across the globe, there is now a safe and simple solution to this widespread problem: Oxytocin.

Chances are that you have heard of Oxytocin at one point or another, and are now most likely wondering how on earth it could possibly be used to treat social inhibitions and anxiety. In actuality, the composition of this hormone is perfect for this exact use. Oxytocin has been commonly nicknamed the “trust hormone”, and extensive research has shown that it is very adept at increasing happiness levels and reducing the chances of an individual becoming depressed. When Oxytocin is released into the brain, whether it is naturally or synthetically, numerous changes start to occur almost immediately. Clinical studies have managed to prove that the release of Oxytocin singlehandedly triggers an increase in optimism, overall happiness, confidence, self-esteem, and trust in relationships. Additionally, individuals with large supplies of this hormone have been found to be much more outgoing, willing to form new bonds with other people who they do not know very well, and more comfortable in regular social settings. In fact, some doctors and psychologists are even starting to use Oxytocin as a treatment for certain mild social disorders. But, if you find that you would like to utilize a synthetic version of Oxytocin in order to help treat your anxiousness and nervousness around others, don’t worry- you don’t necessarily have to go through a doctor. Oxytocin is available for sale on the private market, and it does not require a prescription in order to purchase. It is perfectly safe to use on your own, and you never have to worry about suffering from unwanted side effects when you use it. It’s really no wonder why doctors are so ecstatic about this hormone and its newly found health benefits.

In addition to the fact that it simply helps to reduce social anxiety, Oxytocin is also a great option for individuals who would like to help repair their relationships with friends, family members, and other loved ones. Studies have shown that when this hormone is found in large quantities within an individual’s body, they are significantly more likely to partake in rational thought during times of stress, pursue peace making and peace keeping, and attempt to work through rough patches with those who they are fighting with. Oxytocin has the ability to erase years of built up pain and wounds, and it has been proven to help rebuild and repair even the most fragile relationships and bonds. Between treating posttraumatic stress disorder, mood disorders, depression, and autism, Oxytocin essentially does it all in regards to social issues. If you are interested in potentially using a synthetic

Lose weight by eating more, oxytocin and weightloss.

If you are looking to lose weight in a safe natural way, don’t worry- you’re in luck. Scientists have spent the past few years researching the effects that Oxytocin has on the body in regards to weight loss, and the results that they have found are giving people all across the world hope. Oxytocin, which is a hormone that is naturally produced within the brain at various points in a person’s life, has always been incredibly well known for providing a slew of health benefits. It has been used to treat maladies such as depression and headaches, and new research has also given professionals reason to believe that it is one of the most important hormones in regards to an individual’s personality. Without the production of Oxytocin within our bodies, we simply wouldn’t be the people that we are today.

A variety of clinical studies have been completed in order to prove that Oxytocin has the ability to increase the speed of metabolic affects in both humans and animals, as well as significantly decrease the average individual’s overall appetite. One well-known study involved the distribution of Oxytocin to rats in order to see whether it had any effect on the amount of food that the rats then ate. Every rat that was utilized in the study was classified as obese, and each of them also consumed an incredibly large amount of food compared to the average rodent. After injecting Oxytocin into the rats for several weeks, scientists then found that this hormone did reduce the amount of food that the rats ate, and essentially had permanent affects on the rat’s appetites. The same type of experiment was then recreated with one major difference: the subjects were humans. The results were almost exactly the same, and no individual ever reported suffering from unwanted side effects. As of today, Oxytocin is still one of the only known weight loss supplements that does not have any detrimental effects linked to it. Professionals have declared that Oxytocin will not raise your blood pressure, increase your chances of acquiring certain diseases or cancers, or put you at high risk for any other types of illnesses.

Additionally, scientists believe that Oxytocin also initiates weight loss and helps to prevent obesity simply because it helps to regulate one’s emotions. Oxytocin has always been well known for being a successful treatment for depression, and it has been repeatedly reported that it increases happiness levels and reduces stress. Stress and depression are two of the biggest causes of unhealthy emotional eating habits, and this is a widely known and accepted fact. Periodic bouts of binge eating can be incredibly unhealthy, and they can act as major setbacks for those individuals who are doing their best to keep the extra pounds off. By ensuring that you are happy, emotionally balanced, and generally positive, Oxytocin can thus enable you to stay thin and in shape, without ever having to worry about those pesky urges to fill your body with those foods that you know you shouldn’t.

Oxytocin can help you heal

If you keep up to date with the latest things that are occurring in the medical world, you have most likely heard about the hormone Oxytocin at some point or another in your life. Oxytocin has been sweeping the nation with all of its health benefits, and scientists are discovering new uses for it each and everyday. One of the most promising health benefits of Oxytocin that has been found is the fact that it can increase the speed of healing, which very few other hormones have the ability to do. Additionally, research has shown that Oxytocin also has the ability to lower pain levels and prevent pain from occurring in the first place. Naturally, it is no wonder why professionals and consumers alike are starting to join the international Oxytocin bandwagon.

Several past clinical studies have proven that Oxytocin is able to significantly decrease the amount of inflammation that occurs when an individual suffers from an injury, as well as widespread swelling. Swelling and inflammation are two of the biggest factors that tend to slow down healing processes, and until they are taken care of, full recovery is almost impossible. Thus, because Oxytocin is directly linked to reducing inflammation, it has also been found that positive social interaction can be incredibly beneficial in regards to healing injuries. When you obtain an injury, whether it is mild or severe, it is believed that visits from family members, friends, and other loved ones can drastically aid your overall healing process. But, for those individuals who would like a little extra help, synthetic Oxytocin is also available for purchase. More people than ever are starting to purchase synthetic Oxytocin, and it has proven itself to be an incredibly versatile and useful product.

In addition to speeding up an injury’s healing time, Oxytocin is also a great option for dealing with physical and emotional pain. It has been known to successfully treat a wide variety of maladies, including cramps and body aches. If you complete difficult workouts often, using synthetic Oxytocin may be a great and healthy option for you to prevent your body from becoming too sore. Additionally, if you suffer from headaches more than the average individual does, or you have been diagnosed with chronic migraines, it is also recommended that you consider using synthetic Oxytocin as a treatment.

As of currently, there are no known side effects to using Oxytocin as a treatment for inflammation, pain, and the healing of injuries. Many scientists believe that this is simply because the release of Oxytocin is something that the body already naturally does on its own, so there would be no reason for an individual’s system to react negatively to it. Nonetheless, the use of synthetic Oxytocin is not necessary for everyone, and it is recommended that you speak with your physician before you make the official decision to use it. Also keep in mind that Oxytocin has been proven to provide the body with many other health