A New Oxytocin Nasal Spray Available From OxytocinFactor

As a reader of this website you may well be aware that OxytocinFactor is one of the leading brands of sublingual oxytocin drops. Well now they have also released their high potency oxytocin formula in a quick release nasal spray. The effects of oxytocin are many and varied, they have been shown to significantly reduce social phobia, to increase the amount of trust in strangers and to produce a calming and loving feeling in the user. Clinical studies have shown that users of oxytocin and in particular those who inhale the oxytocin via a nasal spray to show a significant increase in the social activities that indicate bonding and trust.

oxytocin hormone has been shown in almost every mammal speciesCould this miracle spray actually do what it says on the label, well nueroimaging scans shows a huge decrease in of activity in the areas of the brain that are associated with social phobia. This along with many field tests with a huge and varied sample of people from different parts of the world all show that oxytocin does in fact reduce symptoms of shyness and social awkwardness and increase feelings of empathy and trust. This has huge benefits for people in many areas of life. One are in particular that is thought to benefit is those afflicted with autism and current trials are ongoing to produce a medicine that will help these people.

But what is exactly oxytocin and how does it display these amazing characteristics. The first thing you must understand is tat oxytocin is a completely natural hormone that is already being produced by your body, in fact oxytocin is produced by almost every mammalian species on the planet. What is even stranger and more conducive to oxytocin been dubbed the ‘cuddle hormone’ is that at certain times the levels of oxytocin emitted is far higher than in everyday occurrences. Times of childbirth and sexual release have shown to be two times when huge amount of oxytocin are produced by both parties, this gives weight to the argument that oxytocin helps promote bonding and trust as this is its natural function when being produced naturally.

Now that we understand a little bit more about oxytocin we can show the cases for its use are many and varied. Couples who were once incredibly close but have drifted apart either through time, stress or boredom are using it to reignite the spark in their relationship they once experienced. Many long term couples experience circumstances similar to those described above and oxytocin has shown huge success in helping them to overcome these problems.

oxytocin use as a lubricant for business discussionsAnother circumstance where people are using oxytocin is individuals who are very shy or timid and encounter social anxiety and awkwardness. These people upon self administering the oxytocin find they are more confident in social circumstances. They feel more open and find it easier to share how they are feeling and what they want to convey, in turn this produces much better responses from their peers due to their increased clarity and focus of their interactions. Oxytocin nasal sprays and sublingual drops are available OTC or to buy online without prescription which also benefits this segment immensely as talking about these problems with a doctor is often difficult due to the nature of the affliction.

Another segment that are using oxytocin is business people and any people that have direct client interaction. We all know that the foundation of business is based on trust and oxytocin is perfect for fostering a sense of trust between two parties. Whether you are trying to get a store to stock your latest product, dealing with corporate international clients (where language and social customs can become barriers) or trying to sell something door to door oxytocin can help with all of these situations. By fostering an atmosphere of respect, tranquillise and trust many individuals and organisations see oxytocin as the secret weapon in their arsenal for those difficult clients.

Another group of people that are using oxytocin and this segment is probably the least discussed is those who use oxytocin to help them in their activities of trying to find a date or a partner. Most of use are not natural ‘Romeos’ and often leave a lot to be desired in the initial impressions department. This is where oxytocin steps in. It naturally gives us the confidence to approach women or men we normally wouldn’t dream off. It also helps with the responses too as the potential partner will instantly have a better image of us due to the trust inducing attribute of oxytocin. Many singles find oxytocin to be the secret weapon in their arsenal and use to with high a degree of success in many situations from a bar/restaurant to their local supermarket.

This article aimed to show you just how versatile the oxytocin hormone is, for more information on oxytocinfactors newly release oxytocin nasal spray formula click here.

Buying Oxytocin and Effects of Oxytocin in Humans

Oxytocin  is a hormone found in many mammalian species, it does not have one distinct purpose but its effects reach into many human and bonding circumstances. It has been dubbed the ‘love hormone‘, ‘cuddle hormone‘ or ‘trust hormone‘ by many of its researchers due to its remarkable ability to induce trusting or caring behaviour in people who have been administered the oxytocin hormone.

In this article we are going to look at the effects of oxytocin in humans. In particular we will be focusing on the love, cuddle and trusting actions of oxytocin. This area of research is still in its infancy and conclusive data is still not available. However we can still look at existing studies and data and try to draw some conclusions from them. With something as subjective as human response and behaviour it is impossible to define exact characteristics without delving into neuroscience however we can try to form general guidelines and average outcomes of the methods and effects of oxytocin.

Oxytocin can be described in its simplest form as a hormone that also acts as a neurotransmitter when it enters the human brain. It is made completely naturally in the human body though has also been synthesized in laboratories, it was first synthesized in 1953 in America by Vincent du Vigneaud. Oxytocin production levels in the human body very at different times. It is reported that it is found in its highest concentration at times of childbirth, and sexual intimacy. These situation accurately reflect the idea that oxytocin causes an increase in trust in humans.

The Effects of Oxytocin in Humans


One of the major effects of oxytocin in humans is said to be the process of bonding between people. This is the topic upon which most of the current university studies are been carried out on. Bonding occurs in numerous bonding situations and the research is trying find out exactly what effect or role oxytocin plays in it. For example huge amounts of oxytocin are released at childbirth and we know the mother-child bond is one of the strongest we ever make in our lifetime.


Oxytocin is known to have a huge effect on trust, specifically it has been shown to cause people who have been administered oxytocin to display a severe decrease in the time they require to ‘warm up’ or get used to someone. Studies have been carried out showing that participants where more generous to a salesman after being administered oxytocin. It is also used in a discreet way as a cologne to help singles make other people more receptive to them.

Available Forms of Oxytocin

Oxytocin is available to commercially buy over the internet. Currently the most popular form is a spray version, this is worn similar to how a cologne spray or a  human pheromones are worn. In our tests the product Liquid Trust stood out among the competitors. We found it gave a very distinct and lasting impression upon many people we met during our trials. Again different products may work better for different people but we advise you to try this one first.


Things to Check before You Buy Oxytocin Nasal Spray

Oxytocin nasal spray proves to be the most convenient form of liquid oxytocin, also known as the trust hormone. Indeed the hormone is nowadays synthetically produced and placed in different containers, such as in fragrances and intravenous vials, but it is also placed in specially designed nasal sprays for a more practical usage.
But like many other products that are used to develop one’s wellbeing, it is important to be sure that you are safe to use oxytocin nasal sprays, otherwise you might suffer from certain side effects which could have been prevented in the first place.
Below are some of the precautions you should check before you actually buy an oxytocin nasal spray:
1. Allergic reactions. Are you prone to suffering from allergies? If so, then you should take extra care when using an oxytocin nasal spray. Despite being an all-natural hormone, the atomized particles of the spray may irritate the immune system and in turn might cause allergies, such as rashes, hives and consistent sniffing. You may want to consult with a doctor first so you know if you are safe to use the product or not.
2. Pregnancy. Are you pregnant? If you are currently on the way to motherhood, then you should try to avoid using oxytocin nasal sprays for the meantime. This is because you already have lots of the hormone being produced inside your body, and inhaling more would cause an overdose that may affect not just your health but also your baby’s.
3. Colds. Are you currently suffering from nasal conditions such as colds, sinusitis or rhinitis? If so, it is better to wait for your condition to subside before thinking of inhaling liquid oxytocin. This is because the particles might irritate your nose and further worsen your condition, thus leading to headaches, sudden hearing loss and other related ailments.
4. Hypertension. People who are predisposed with hypertension are also prone to consistent headaches and irritations, especially when they get to inhale something. If you are hypertensive, then you might want to refrain from buying oxytocin nasal sprays for the meantime, as you won’t get to experience its full effects. Inhaling the liquid oxytocin may only cause irritations which may lead to headache and dizziness.
It’s better safe than sorry, hence before you buy oxytocin nasal sprays you should be aware of your current health condition first. You may want to talk to your doctor and see if your system could accommodate extra oxytocin hormones which help boost your levels of trust, confidence and love. Using the hormone can definitely improve your overall character and personality, and as well change your outlook in life and follow a more positive direction.
A lot of people nowadays are inclined to buy oxytocin nasal sprays in order to help develop their personality, and you may do the same too, just as long as you are aware of the health conditions the hormone may bring you after some time of regular use.