The oxytocin nasal spray

There is a lot of talk about a nasal spray being developed to help people socialize better and become easier to bond with and trust.

To those of you who may be unfamiliar with oxytocin it is a hormone present in humans that helps our brains determine feelings of trust, love and bonding. It is released in massive doses during intercourse and when in love.

The current products come in a nasal spray form. They are created like this because intranasal absorption of the oxytocin allows it to pass through the blood into the brain.

Oxytocin has been proven to have beneficial effects. Researchers at the University of Zurich used an oxytocin nasal spray to help people who are shy to socialize with others.

The oxytocin nasal spray is very easy to use, and anyone can have an instant boost of confidence by a mere squirt of the liquid.

University researchers have found oxytocin sprays to incredibly change the behaviour and attitude of over 70% of test subjects. All participants in the study noticed lessened anxiety and eagerness to start conversation with others in the group.

A major finding from this study was that the oxytocin hormone has a major effect on the areas of the brain that directly influence fear and the mental and physical responses when in fear.

We at buy oxytocin have found that liquid trust nasal spray outperforms any other sprays on the market. It is based directly on the spray that was used in the University trials and contains the most oxytocin per ml of solution than any other product.

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  1. I want to buy the Oxytocin nasal spray, I tried it on the website on verolabs but the site closes when u click order.

  2. Hi Amol, I just checked the site and it seems to be working on my browser. Are you using Internet Explorer or Firefox? Anyway I hope you are able to order Liquid Trust and report back here with your experiences. Thank you for commenting on my website.

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